Space Babies – “Venice Beach Mystery” (Full Episode 2)

What happens when you pull random words from a hat? And that hat is a leopard-patterned fez? Can you get the makings of a great song? You certainly get the juxtaposition of words that have possibly never met….like

“successful mermaid dreams”


“child dragon mama”

“carnival government”.

We invited guest artist Eric Ernest Johnson to join us on our quest to liberate the lyrics of our song “Venice Beach Mystery”. He is a poet very familiar with this strategy and he happily jumped in. Later, as we tried to make some “sense” of the madness we created, the songwriting process briefly hit an existential traffic jam, but eventually got back up to speed and we were able to use our automatic writing-random-word exercise to its fullest nonsensical magical relevance! He he he
The surrealists and Dadaist have been using these techniques for a hundred years. They are techniques designed to rid the brain of “ego mind” the safe place of “normal” and allow the dream world to take over. We think the results are highly enjoyable. But then again, so is an ice dream giraffe headphone wave!

You can watch the music video only here!

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