Space Babies – “Water” (Full Episode 1)

“it’s the gift of life”

For this episode of “the SPACE BABIES SHOW: a Song in a Day”, we chose the theme of WATER and Michael and Rebecca disappeared into their journals to present the yin and yang of our relationship to this most sacred life-affirming substance. The world is warming up and there are record breaking droughts occurring everywhere. (How is your habitat doing?). And everyone is in a shocked, confused, passive state about what to do about it. But one fact will always remain: water is life.
At one point we chant the name of “Yemanja” , an Orisha from the Yoruba religion. She is often depicted as a mermaid and can be a very protective and powerful Mama! She is in charge of our rivers and oceans and we don’t want to get on her bad side!
In our music video we have two very blinged-out designer water bottles driving recklessly around the desert and through Las Vegas. No explanation is necessary for those crazy corporate bottles.
We hope you like our song and the process of making it.

If you can’t wait for the end, watch the music video here

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