Space Babies – Sympathetic Madness (Official Video)

From the stars we come to the stars we go!
Space Babies music video – “Sympathetic Madness”

Directed and edited by MIchael Vest


Cosmic Wave coming through
Rising up inside,
Take the ride to destiny,
Inner Sπåce, Outer Space
ride through the Cosmic Sea tonight

From the stars we come to the Stars We Go
Stardust Atoms, Dance you Home
Nebula Swirl inside your bones
Beneath the sun, the molecules dance
and the Heart Expands

the stars are in your eyes,
the light is in your hands,
through your fingertips the grains of sand

Ring the Bell, Shake the Bones
Dance our way back to mamas home
the pløt thickens
Enter the Silence

she cried , she left
she lied, she tried
she held on
she held on, gave me the friend speech
she sang songs, danced on that perfect beach

the sister the goddess the bitch and the crone
who the Hell cares with these pile of bones
old friends long white beards
tea in the mountains
chess on the tundra

surrender your regrets
Let’s surrender all our Bullshit, Friend
bypass the Predator be empty
…………..a drop in the ocean

lose yourself and start to live
the best revenge is to forgive

all over the world
sympathetic madness

why can’t we get it together
why can’t we empty it out
why can’t we get it together
why can’t we empty it out
get it together
empty it out

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  1. What magnificence! How can you vibrate at such a remarkable frequency. Show us the key to love on this planet.

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