Space Babies – “Sister Love” (Full Episode 5)

“Blessed Be!”

The Space Babies Show: A Song in a Day is a series of 6 documentary – style videos that will walk you through our unique songwriting process. Each episode begins in the morning as a blank slate… and over the course of one day, a song is born.

When guest artist Osher Levi (OJOLO )arrived at Earthstar, we knew we were going to have some fun. Osher and Rebecca have been friends for almost 30 years (?) and have travelled the world together spreading giggly love and mischief throughout the seven seas. They both have young sons. And they are fiercesome goofballs.

For this episode called “Sister Love”, Osher and Rebecca wrote a song about their love for each other and their fierce motherhood, set to the mystical calls of the ancient didgeridoo.

Osher plays the didgeridoo, a unique wind instrument from indigenous Australia. It is made from a hollowed out length of eucalyptus wood and is played using circular breathing (which is a crazy technique of simultaneously sucking in air as you blow out). It dates back at least 1,500 years. Osher also uses her didgeridoo for ceremony and healing. The deep resonant vibrations can realign bodies and minds and re-harmonize a person towards vibrant health and happiness. Very powerful stuff. We hope you enjoy it.

didgeridoo, vocals & lyrics by Osher Levi.

Oh, and by the way, be sure to check out Osher’s band OJOLO  … it’s supremely groovy !

Space Babies hail from Venice Beach, California. Space Babies are: Michael Vest & Rebecca Trujillo Vest with Farmer Dave Scher & John X Volaitis

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