Space Babies – “Hello Baby” (Full Episode 6)

Hello Baby, Hello!

For this attempt at a “Song In A Day”, we were quite distracted by the fabulous things going on around us… gay marriage was ruled legal nationwide! What took you so long America?! At the farewell Grateful Dead show, a giant rainbow appeared behind the stage and everyone thought it was Jerry Garcia saying “HI”. A massive protest for LGBTQ rights in Turkey was hit by riot police hoses and the amount of water caused a huge rainbow to appear over Istanbul…

you just can’t stop progress, People!

So we had to sing about these events and celebrate every time humanity takes an evolutionary step forward (but God, it is slow goin!!).

In “Hello Baby”, we sing :

We “see a rainbow in the sky,

the stars are saying Give love a try!”

“Jupiter and Venus holding hands,
the lion lays down with the lamb.”

The planets were indeed right next to each other that morning, and the Angry Father God and Goddess of Love really should reconcile.
For our session we recruited the talents of Dane Sandborg and Micah Sohl (Foxtrails), two amazingly talented local musicians who we love working with. They rocked the session and we even had time to do a Little Jam. We hope you enjoy our little homage to progress, love and freedom. Are we optimistic goofballs? YES! Hello Baby Hello!

Bass: Dane Sanborg (Foxtrails)
Drums: Micah Sohl (Foxtrails)

Watch the music video!

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