Space Babies – “Free Expression” (Official Music Video)

“You’re So Amazing!”

The Space Babies Show: A Song in a Day is a series of 6 documentary – style videos that walk you through our songwriting process. Each episode begins in the morning as a blank slate… and over the course of one day, a completed song is born.

In this video, we will see John X being seduced by Gladys (our in-house AI). She traps him in her interweb of mystery and the rest of the band is compelled to do a rescue mission. They also become ensnared by Gladys eventually leading to an action-packed rescue by the Supreme Leader, Ravi.

Watch the full length “making of” episode here

Michael “Aladdin” Kuehnert (Save the Farm, Shanti G) closed out the writing session with a spontaneous, surrealist journey into ourselves. His colorful lyrics are possibly surpassed only by his amazing performance in the music video. His wife Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert


Free Expression lyrics

Be who you want to be,

You’re so amazing!
You’re so amazing,
You’re so amazing
You’re so amazing

Think what you wanna think
Be what you wanna be
Feel what you wanna feel
Do what you wanna do

Free Expression
Free Expression

Tell us how to live on your planet, please

You might need a body for this
You are that amazing,
Showing up as human again,
Braving all this 3rd dimensional
Third dimensional (third dimensional)
Third dimensional (third dimensional)
Third dimensional (third dimensional)
Bullshit , Baby

More beauty, more freaky
More beauty, more freaky

Be the strange, be the change

Be the strange, be the change

You know I can’t complain,
Got nobody to blame,
Get off the bleachers , baby,
Let’s play this game
No judge!
No jury!
No worries!
No hurries!
Everybody, are you ready!!!!
Let me hear you say:

Free Expression!
Free Expression!

“since the beginning of time, the monkeys have been prattling away on their typewriters , but have not yet achieved Shakespeare”

10,000 years of typing, Still No Shakespeare
10,000 years of typing, Still No Shakespeare
Oh, look… Shakespeare!

Freaky People at this Festival of Light,
We’re getting’ free, can’t you see
Who we really wanna be

Free Expression!
Free Expression!

Choose who you want to be
The persistence of memory

The persistence of memory

Tell us how to live on your body please,
Your children are blessed
Time to get high on your oxygen
(time to get high on your oxygen)
Waterlily lifestyle
(waterlily lifestyle)

We are all one

We are all divine beings
We are all one.

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