The Space Babies Show: A Song in a Day

Space Babies Show: A Song in a Day

“The Space Babies Show: A Song in a Day” is a series of 6 documentary-style videos that walk you through our songwriting process. Each episode begins in the morning as a blank slate… and over the course of one day, a song is born.

Cameras in our faces while we try to create timeless classics…. what could go wrong? Foolhardy? Yes! Difficult? Yes! But a very interesting look into the goings-on of a recording studio. The time limitations led to numerous traffic jams, ego meltdowns, fascist coups, Socialist revolts, and some shaky footage.…. but when the dust settled we found that it also created freethoughtforms, un-shackled experiments, and holy magical moments. Viva la deadline! We hope you enjoy… if not, just jump to the music video at the end.

This Space Babies lineup is the same as our previous album, Spaceport. – Michael Vest, Rebecca Trujillo-Vest, Farmer Dave Scher & John X Volaitis.

This time, we also recruited a colorful cast of special friends & collaborators to join us in this odyssey.  Artist Eric Ernest Johnson (Fleshpot) joins us as a muralist, background vocalist and percussionist on “West Coast Family”. He also appears as a formidable songwriting co-conspirator and vocalist on the mystical “Venice Beach Mystery”. Drummer Micah Sohl & Bassist Dane Sanborg (Foxtrails, Flower Punks, Dervish) joined as our private Wrecking Crew on “Hello Baby”. The beautiful Osher Levi (Ojolo) blessed us with her magical voice & didgeridoo in “Sister Love”. Our dear friend Michael “Alladin” Kuehnert made his songwriting debut on the very frisky “Free Expression”. Although… his fabulous lyrics may have been surpassed by his magnificent character featured in the music video.

Filming was done by Campbell Brewer, Edwin Stevens, Felicia Cook & Michael Kuehnert. All of the videos were directed & edited by Michael Vest. All recording and footage was done at our magical, sonic temple: Earthstar Creation Center in Venice, CA.


Press releases:

“… and naturally ends up sounding like something from the uncharted sectors between Planet Devo and Planet Bruce Haack.” L.A. Record

“…go ahead and get your feet wet”Earbuddy

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