Our new album “Spaceport” is out!

Spaceport cover

Welcome to Spaceport!

The Space Babies newest music for both human and non-human beings waiting at the Spaceport lounge for transfers to different dimensions. This album is beyond time and space, filled with the sights and sounds of the expanded multi-verse.

Space Babies is Michael Vest, Rebecca Trujillo Vest, with John X Volaitis and Farmer Dave Scher. Mixing was done by John XSteve Hardy and Jon Alevizakis (from Little Buddha studios).  Cover art was done by Ravi Vest.

Spaceport was written and recorded in full collaboration at Earthstar Creation Center . We utilized ancient techniques of surreal writing games and automatic writing to escape our #egowhinybrainthought.   Each song is a journey unto itself…

“wake up, take the leap!”

In the opening song we encounter the mysterious Mother Future,  meet our future selves and thank them for this nonlinear ride through the illusion of time.

Take a wild ride through ancient temples and the Dance in the Vortex in “The Source”!

“We Sing love” Michael’s Japanese guitar styling will weave you through the space between sunrise & sunset on this beautiful seaside mystical journey….

In Evolver”, we find Rebecca as intergalactic superdiva Osmunda channeling Blondie and skanks us through human evolution. Listen for grunting cavemen, echoing what is to come …

“Limitless Empathy Generator” is a ballad of compassion ending in a psychedelic chant“ think about your mind blowin’ / total forgiveness, Baby!

Who’s watching “The Watcher”? If you are “The Watcher”, then who’s watching you?

“Sympathetic Madness” is an 80’s Manchester dirge for pre-apocalypse cosmic revelry.

Come on and “Touch a Human” today! Cosmic chanteuse (Rebecca) Osmunda of Fallopia sings her great hit… a number one smash across all galaxies!  Originally featured in the timeless sci-fi series Earthstar Continuum.

For “Summer Lovers”, John X reminds us that we must get our shit together for the children…  “let the Love in more and more!”

And finally, “People of Earth”! Ancient people meet future aliens on a pyramid for a cosmic multi-species dance off…. this party will have you singing “jebi dando wando webe” in no time!

Spaceport is available on most platforms