Our cover of John Lennon’s “Child of Nature”

Child of Nature cover art

We hope you will enjoy our cover of “Child of Nature” – originally written by John Lennon & performed by Space Babies

On February 15, 1968, the Beatles arrived in Rishikesh, India to stay with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and study Transcendental Meditation.

Each member got different things out of the stay, but there is no disputing that they got a ton of ideas that would form many of their best songs.

Along with “Dear Prudence”, “Julia”, “Revolution” and ”Sexy Sadie”, John Lennon wrote a little ditty that was called “Child Of Nature”…. which is arguably his happiest, loviest, and most hippie-dippy song. Probably written early in his stay, sitting on an ashram yoga deck in the hot jungle sun strumming an acoustic after an attempt at meditation, (it might have even been written on Michael’s actual birthday Feb 21, 1968!).

Much has been written of John’s eventual disillusionment with the Maharishi and all “gurus” and teachers. He left Rishikesh with an acute sense that nobody has the answers and that we can only believe in ourselves. Anyway, his “hippie love” anthem was shelved and the beautiful melody reappeared in 1971 on his first solo record as “Jealous Guy” a song with very different vibes and lyrics. We present here our version of John’s original song, taken from the only known demo he recorded. “Child of Nature” and reminds us of John at his happiest and least edgy. Enjoy.

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